Q: How long have you been a part of the San Antonio Jewish community?

My wife and I arrived in San Antonio in May, 2015. Our goal was to find a retirement community where we could relax and enjoy our life together. Blue Skies of Texas (formally Air Force Village) had all the prerequisites we were looking for in a retirement location.  

Q: What is your strongest Jewish memory?

My strongest Jewish memory was my Bar Mitzvah in New York City. My second strongest memory was when I stood in the center of Dachau concentration camp in the summer of 1972. My mother’s family had all been killed during WWII and this visit to Dachau brought those horrors home in a way nothing else could.

Q: What attracted you to becoming a volunteer docent at the Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio?

My work at the Holocaust Museum is very meaningful to me because it helps to bring the story of what happened to my mother’s family and to 6 million other Jewish people to the present generation. My work as a docent at the Holocaust Museum is a very meaningful contribution to the community I live in.

Q: Do you have a favorite Jewish holiday?

I enjoy Passover very much. I helped organize the first Passover Seders at Blue Skies of Texas community in which both our Jewish and Christian friends join together to celebrate the exodus from Egypt. 

Q: What aspirations do you have for our Jewish community in the years to come?

My hope for the San Antonio Jewish community is that it will continue to grow and prosper in an atmosphere of friendship and understanding.