Phyliss Cole is a Port Arthur, Texas, native. She has three children living in Houston and Austin, and seven grandchildren. Recently she competed training and is a new docent with the Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio.

What brought you to San Antonio?

I moved to San Antonio in 1981 to be near my parents who were living here at the time.

What is your strongest Jewish memory?

I have strong memories of celebrating Passover with my grandparents. It was good to have all of the family together, but it was also too long!

What volunteer activities do you find the most rewarding and why?

For a few years I was involved in tutoring elementary students. It was so rewarding to see their progress, particularly a boy I tutored for three years.

Volunteering at the Holocaust Museum is the most rewarding thing I have done, because it is our duty to help people never forget.

Please share you favorite Jewish holiday. Why?

Passover, because I enjoy the time with family.

Name a hope or aspiration you have for the San Antonio Jewish community?

I would like us to continue to grow stronger and not forget our roots. We need to remember that our children are our future. L’dor va’dor