TASA’s Yom Hashoah Holocaust Memorial Museum Visit

Shmuel Bass Torah Academy of San Antonio (TASA) students visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum as part of their Yom Hashoah studies.

As part of their Yom Hashoah-Holocaust Unit, Shmuel Bass Torah Academy of San Antonio (TASA) seventh and eighth grade students visited the Holocaust Memorial and Museum on the Jewish Community Campus. The students were given a tour of the museum by one of the museum’s docents. The TASA 7th and 8th graders were also privileged to meet with Holocaust Survivor, Rose Sherwin Williams. The 93-year-old Williams shared her firsthand account of her experiences during the Holocaust.

“The students were genuinely appreciative to have the opportunity to meet with an actual survivor, as survivors are sadly a dwindling resource,” said Rabbi Yossi Marrus, Dean of Students and Director of Judaic Studies at TASA.

At the end of the program, TASA student then worked on identifying a number of San Antonio families who descend from Holocaust survivors. “It is our hope that these types of programs empower our students to be knowledgeable ambassadors for goodness and kindness, as well as fight hate, intolerance and antisemitism” said Rabbi Marrus.