Early Childhood connects with senior adults

Creating a connection between the oldest members of the community and the youngest is an important value taught at the JCC Block and Dreeben School for Young Children. Often teachers will take their students and stop by the Senior Card Room on walks or buggy rides. Classes sometimes bake treats or create cards to share with their senior friends. Each week the Pre-K children receive a visit from Lois Cahodas, their special 101-year-old friend who reads stories and participates in activities with the children.

The Pre-K children join with the senior adults twice a year to share in a special luncheon. The first of these happens on November 14 with a pre-Thanksgiving Luncheon. The second luncheon occurs in the spring for an abbreviated Passover Seder.

These experiences and others help young children learn the value of connecting with senior adults to learn the Jewish value of honoring the elderly.