TASA Changemaker Program: A visit with Corey Weinberg

As part of TASA’s ongoing Changemaker program, students welcomed 23-year-old guest speaker Corey Weinberg, popular with kids thanks to working as a Jewish camp counselor for many years. He DJ’s, he makes sukkahs and builds graggers with the kids, and even has a firework show license, running the fireworks at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

However, there were many other important things that our kids learned about Corey:  For as inspirational and successful as he is becoming, Corey struggled in school.  He says he was always hyper, had a hard time sitting in school, and was considered a “troublemaker.”  He was bullied.  As he began to read and write in school, Corey noticed that letters and numbers began to jump around and slide off the pages. Not only was he dyslexic, but also dysgraphic.

How did he succeed?  Corey was focused and determined.  Lessons that were hands on worked best for him.  He knew that the sky was the limit if he could work and learn to his strengths. He loved music and took care of his school’s DJ and sound systems, making sure that every event, dance and performance had the correct acoustic setup. His determination was so great, Corey ultimately graduated as the Valedictorian of his high school.

Moving into college, Corey knew that his academic struggles would still get in his way, but to overcome, he spoke to professors for added help, requested notes, audio recordings and power points, uses his computer to work and learn, and even uses special blue glasses to help with his vision.

Graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from UTSA this December, Corey looks forward to getting his master’s degree in Business Management in the future. His advice to all kids: “Learn!  Don’t let people tell you that you can’t!  Be Ready-Watch-Learn.”