Holocaust Memorial Museum Prepares for First Texas Holocaust Remembrance Week – January 27 – 31

With the passage of Senate Bill 1828 this fall, the Texas legislature officially created an annual Holocaust Remembrance Week in public schools for grades K – 12. This week was created to “educate students about the Holocaust and inspire in students a sense of responsibility to recognize and uphold human value and to prevent future atrocities.” The Governor’s Office has recently chosen the week of January 27th for the annual Remembrance Week in honor of the liberation the Auschwitz-Birkenau Extermination Camp by the Allied Forces.

During the remembrance week, educators around the state will be providing age-appropriate instruction for all their students about the Holocaust using materials created, or approved by, the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission. The Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio was selected by the commission as a recommended resource for educators and source of educational materials for use during the Holocaust Remembrance Week.

Educators at the HMMSA are developing special programs for the Remembrance Week that will serve many area school districts and plan to expand the offerings in coming years to better serve the south Texas region during this important week.

To learn more about the Holocaust Remembrance Week (January 27 – 31, 2020) or the work of the Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio, please contact info@hmmsa.org or visit .hmmsa.org

The HMMSA is a program of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio.