Statement from San Antonio Jewish Community

Dear Community Members,
Our Jewish community deeply cares about all members of the San Antonio community and is keenly following the daily information about the Coronavirus, or COVID-19. During these unusual times, our common values are reaffirmed – we are all in this together. Understanding that information is changing daily, we would like to share an update.
We are in continuous contact with local authorities, agency and synagogue leadership, and with our individual community members. We are positive in our ability to respond with care as a community.
Over the coming days, you may begin to see community gatherings and events canceled or postponed. These are difficult decisions, but first and foremost, we must protect the health and safety of our community members. Despite changes in scheduling, all of our agencies and synagogues are dedicated and committed to serving our population. If you have visited the Campus in the past week, you will have noticed the rigorous additions to cleaning and disinfecting activity in addition to the already high standard for the building. Where possible, our organizations will continue to offer services as we know they are essential to our community.
We have listed a number of resources in this statement, and will add more as they become relevant, on the home page of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio website:
As many of us are aware, the CDC has issued a recommendation for individuals over the age of 60, and those who might have a compromised immune system, to avoid attending large group gatherings. In general, people who are sick are advised to stay at home and call their healthcare provider, rather than attend public activities.
We will continue to follow diligently the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) information and guidelines and we will stay in communication with you about any scheduling changes.
From our friends at Jewish Family Service
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
Stay safe and healthy – and thank you for your understanding and commitment to our community. Finally, we extend our prayers to those individuals and families around the world affected by the spread of Coronavirus – refuah sh’lemah.
Ronit Sherwin
CEO, Jewish Federation of San Antonio
Harry H. Levy, IV
Chair, Jewish Federation of San Antonio
Saul Levenshus
President and CEO, Barshop Jewish Community Center
Adam Zeldes
Chair, Barshop Jewish Community Center
Talli Dolge, MS
CEO, Jewish Family Service
Phil Kolovson
CEO, Jewish Family Service
Aaron Morris
Director of Operations, Harry & Jeanette Weinberg
Campus of the Jewish Community
Stanley Alterman
Chair, Harry & Jeanette Weinberg
Campus of the Jewish Community

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