Anxiety in the face of a pandemic

Talli Dolge, CEO of JFS, shares her own experiences with anxiety

During this COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn, many are experiencing mental health issues – some for the first time. JFS is using these unprecedented times to educate communities about “Anxiety in the Face of a Pandemic.”

In the free events hosted on Zoom, Talli Dolge, CEO of JFS, talks openly about her relationship with anxiety, explains the difference between stress and anxiety, offers self-care tips, and discusses how to channel anxious feelings into something positive.

“Anxiety and panic attacks have been my reality for most of my life,” said Dolge. “I have used these challenges to fuel me to move forward in my life. I have learned various techniques in how to turn anxiety into something positive, and I am happy to share them with everyone.”

Dolge has presented to the Spurs organization, JFS Rochester, Bexar County Women’s Bar Association, and has even more talks set up with other organizations and corporations. If you’d like to host Dolge on a Zoom meeting with your organization, please email



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