LIFE & LEGACY Spotlight: Leslie Hyman on “Why I Give”

Leslie Hyman with her husband, Phil Lynch, and children, Gabriel and Rachel Lynch

I am new to the San Antonio Jewish community. To someone outside our community, this statement might seem odd. After all, I moved to San Antonio in 1994. But those inside our community who know members who are fourth and fifth generation San Antonians will understand.

Neither my husband nor I live in the place where we grew up and none of our parents stayed in the cities where they were children. When I hear people talk about pledging to LIFE & LEGACY® for the benefit of “our” grandchildren, it doesn’t always resonate personally. Phil and I don’t know if our children will stay here or if they too will choose to make their lives in new cities.

So why do I give? Because when I moved to San Antonio, knowing no one, my boss introduced me to Kerry Sonsino and for the next six years I went to services with her and Raphi and Kerry’s sister, Robin Gurovitsch, at Beth Am. We are still close friends today. Because Kerry and Raphi encouraged me to join the Federation’s Young Jewish Leadership program, where I learned leadership skills and made other lasting friendships. Because someone encouraged me to attend lunchtime classes with Rabbi Chaim Block at a downtown law firm. Because when our daughter was born, and I wanted her to have the experience of belonging to a large congregation, Temple Beth-El welcomed us with open arms. And because my children have spent many, many glorious hours at the JCC in early childhood, youth sports leagues, and camp. (This year, they will both be counselors at JCC summer camp.)

I give understanding that my donation may never benefit my grandchildren but knowing without a doubt that someday, long after I am gone, other people will move to San Antonio and my support now will allow those people to learn and worship and find a home in our Jewish community (even though they too may still feel new after 25 years).

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