Why I Give

San Antonio Jewish Senior Services (SAJSS) is one of eleven community partners of the San Antonio LIFE & LEGACY® initiative.  Since February 2019, SAJSS has secured eighteen Letters of Intent with an estimated value of $324,000 for its endowment fund. 

Three of the Letters of Intent are from Allan Smith, Howard Feinberg and Alvin Loewenberg.  Each has made a commitment to ensure SAJSS remains a vibrant and financially secure organization to meet the needs of the seniors of our community.  

When asked why they chose to give, they each said the following:

Alvin: “A commitment to LIFE & LEGACY is a confirmation and continuation, when your life ends, of the values you hold dear now.” 

Allan: “I’m leaving a legacy gift to SAJSS so that Jewish seniors can stay connected to our community and each other.” 

Howard: “There is no easier, better way to provide support for those who come after us than by making provisions for legacy gifts today.” 

Thank you to all of those who donate to San Antonio Jewish Senior Services and to our other partners,” said Beth Keough, JFSA Director of Philanthropy. “We appreciate all you do to sustain this work. 

If you would like more information on how you can leave a legacy to SAJSS or another community partnercontact Beth Keough at (210) 302-6813 or keoughb@jfsatx.org. 

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