Adult Learning Series at Congregation Shalom

February 8, 2023

Two sessions remain in a three part series on Prayer in Congregation Shalom’s Adult Learning program. Each session stands on its own; together, they form a cohesive series. Participants may attend one or both of the remaining sessions. There is no fee for these classes.

On Sunday, February 26, Rabbi Lisa Goldstein will discuss Movement in Prayer, answering questions such as: When do we bend and bow, stand and sit, go on tiptoes, cover our eyes, and all those other strange movements we see at services? What do they mean, and why do we do them? The final session on Sunday, March 26, will take a look at the Music of Prayer, discussing why the music for High Holy Days is so different from that of Shabbat. Rabbi Goldstein will also share her process for deciding which music to use for each of the prayers in a given service, and address the questions on everyone’s minds – What’s with all the new melodies? Why can’t we just sing the ones we already know?


Both classes will take place in person at House of Prayer Lutheran Church, 10026 Ironside Drive, 78230, from 1:30-3:00 pm. For more information, visit or send an email to