Congregation Beth Am Focuses on Fund-Giving

March 1, 2022

This season, Congregation Beth Am is focused on Fund Giving.

Seeking justice is a core Jewish value, reflected in the oft-quoted phrase from Deuteronomy, “Justice, justice shall you pursue.” Beth Am has developed an annual tzedakah project, which reflects one of Reconstructionism’s six established values,  Tzedek, which is elaborated as “[fighting] for justice, sustenance and dignity for all peoples.” So, as Beth Am enters the season preparing for Passover, we, as a Jewish community, identify agencies to support.  We recall that Jews have been and often are strangers.  We are obligated to seek justice for all.  A communal “fund-giving” is one means of fulfilling our responsibilities.

Congregation Beth Am follows Reconstructionist Judaism, a relatively new movement formally recognized in the mid-20th century. We invite members of the San Antonio Jewish community to learn more about Reconstructionism by contacting us at 210.445.3677.