Shabbaton with IPRS

June 1, 2022

Inda Poser Religious School (IPRS)  hosted their first-ever “In House” Shabbaton at Agudas Achim the weekend of May 6. The theme of the weekend was “Building a Better World”, which was carried throughout the weekend activities including interactive workshops and creative hands-on activities. IPRS welcomed in Shabbat with a beautiful Friday Night Service, with all students from 3rd-8th helped lead from the Bima with Rabbi Sharon Cohen and Dr. Orit Eylon. It was on the Bima, where students were able to showcase their love and knowledge of prayer. The pride on their faces as they sang the Shabbat prayers from the siddur was priceless. Anyone sitting in the sanctuary looking and listening was able to see each and every child connect to Gd. This experience allowed students to make a connection between what they have been learning in the classroom to real life!  Friday night came to an end after the children sang Birkat Hamazon and completed a three-part workshop. It was during these interactive workshops, that they learned the importance of “Building a Better World” through doing various mitzvot that were mentioned in the weekly Torah portion, Kidoshin.

The next morning continued with the same inspiring energy when students were invited up to the Bima for various Aliyot. 6th and 7th graders chanted the Haftorah and 5th graders sang the Shima with pride. Following the service, we enjoyed lunch together and then dived into the real fun and learning! Mr. Jeff Cohen led the students in singing uplifting and festive songs. In the next workshop, the students learned to work with one another through the encouragement of using a growth mindset, fostering healthy relationships, and resolving conflicts using real-life scenarios.

They played “Minute to Win It” Games that were organized and led by 9th and 10th-grade advisors. There was even a Kona Ice Truck as a special surprise for students to enjoy a cool and refreshing treat.  The day continued with entertainment by John O’Bryant, Magician Extraordinaire! The students were in awe of his fabulous and engaging magic tricks.  The day flew by and soon enough it was time to say goodbye to Shabbat with a beautiful Havdalah service outside. The students stood in a circle waving glow sticks through the night sky as Shane Epstein led everyone in song. The bonds and friendships that grew throughout the weekend were evident as everyone put their arms around each other and sang.  The evening finished with an ice cream party and a silent disco! Everyone enjoyed themselves, dancing, laughing, and singing together. The mission of this Shabbaton was to instill a sense of love and pride in being Jewish within every child and without a doubt, this mission was accomplished!

IPRS would like to thank all of the parents for their support and commitment to the continued Jewish Education of their children! It is your generation that will keep the spirit and love for Judaism alive within each Jewish child here in San Antonio. We look forward to another amazing year at IPRS!