Celebrate HFLA-SA’s Centennial with a Picnic & Fun Day

May 3, 2024

Join us Sunday, May 5th from 12-3 PM at the JCC for the HFLA-SA Centennial Celebration Picnic! This historic community event is meant for the entire family.

A highly anticipated event held periodically since 1924, suspended for the pandemic, the tradition lives again this Sunday with fun, food, music, and games. Entry is free. Food bands and raffle tickets can be purchased at the picnic, and ohh, what prizes we have to award! 

The picnic begins HFLA-SA’s Centennial Celebration.  Since Rabbi Solomon and businessman Kamrass came together in 1924 building an organization to protect San Antonio’s Jewish population, the picnic became a valued Jewish community highlight.

Founder Abe Kamrass’ daughter, Etty Kamrass-Tudzin, recently shared that the picnic was the major San Antonio Jewish community celebration in the 1930s and beyond.  Kosher gatherings were then associated with religious events with limited attendance. At the picnic, the community came together to eat, sing, dance and enjoy each other’s company.   

This year, the Picnic will also reveal the restoration of The Books of Reminiscence, comprising 100 years’ stories of San Antonio Jewry. The newly restored and digitized Books will be on display for the first time throughout the picnic.

For more information, visit www.HFLA-SA.org