The Greater Southwest Region of Hadassah Installs Board for Coming Year

December 20, 2023

At the recent conference in Houston on December 17, Hadassah’s Greater Southwest Region celebrated the installation of its new President, Karen Kessler, and a dedicated Board. Among the notable additions are San Antonians Roberta Abelman, who takes on the role of Treasurer, and Marion Bernstein, the new Recording Secretary.

Spanning Texas, Oklahoma, and Shreveport, LA, the Greater Southwest Region reflects Hadassah’s commitment to making a meaningful impact across diverse communities. With this new leadership team in place, the region is poised for continued growth and collaboration.

Karen Kessler’s presidency marks a new chapter for Hadassah in the Greater Southwest, as she brings visionary leadership and a deep commitment to the organization’s mission.

As Hadassah Greater Southwest looks ahead, the installation ceremony stands as a symbol of unity and strength, highlighting the collective dedication of its members to making a positive difference in their communities.



Pictured at the event are (left to right):  Esther Friedman, Marion Bernstein, Linda Pravda, Roberta Abelman, Karen Kessler, Susie Avnery, and Sue Zerlin (photo by Lena Malacoff).