TASA Supports Families in Challenging Times

March 1, 2021

The 2020-21 school year has been tremendously challenging for parents, educators, and of course, students as well. TASA, the Jewish Day School of San Antonio, K-8 accredited through COGNIA, a recognized global accreditation agency, has been blessed to be able to operate in-person since August, providing much needed education and relief for parents and students alike. “Due to our small class sizes and rigorous Covid protocols, we have been able to be there for our families and students during these challenging times,” said Rabbi Yossi Marrus, Dean of Students. “While many students nationwide experienced significant education gaps, we have been able to slowly, but surely, focus on and close them,” said Mrs. Jessica Diric, Director of General Studies. “Our educators, who are genuinely our community’s unsung heroes, have truly gone above and beyond to provide quality and inspired education throughout all these,” she said.

“A Jewish Day School is not only an institute of learning but also a family,” said Howard Feinberg, Board President of the school. “Due to the generosity of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio through its Community Crisis Campaign, along with other generous donors, we have been able to provide educational, emotional, and financial support for so many families,” he said.

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