Update on local antisemitic incidents

October 26, 2021 

Dear Community, 

Little did we know that when we sent the earlier community update, addressing a number of antisemitic events that have taken place across San Antonio in the last few days, that this group was not done. While the Jewish Federation was hosting an event inside the Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio in collaboration with a live video feed from Auschwitz, Poland, this antisemitic hate group was across the street spewing hateful rhetoric and waving Holocaust denial messages.  

It is our understanding that this group has been aggressive in their messaging but has not threatened anyone directly. They have been allowed to congregate in public and distribute antisemitic flyers, even with obviously hateful speech, as this is protected under the first amendment. If you have photos or videos of these events, please do not post them on social media. This is exactly their intent, and it is how they recruit others to join their efforts. They are hoping their message goes viral and we do not want to assist them in any manner possible. Feel free to author your post (not specifically naming the group or their messages) expressing what you saw and how you felt, but please do not share photos or videos… and definitely do not engage!  

We are in continuous contact with local and federal law enforcement, who immediately sent officers to the scene to maintain safety. Please follow their advice, if you see something say something. The Jewish Federation should be your second call immediately after the call to law enforcement.  

It is this type of ignorance that we battle every day through our Jewish Community Relations Council outreach programs and Holocaust Memorial Museum educational initiatives.  

This group is not representative of the warmth and outstretched arms that the non-Jewish community has shown us in over 100 years of settling in San Antonio. This is the awful rhetoric of outsiders who have come to create division and sow seeds of hate. Let us make sure that their ideas do not grow roots in our backyards.  

Thank you for your support of our community. We remain Stronger Together! 


Michael Swanson 

Board Chair, Jewish Federation of San Antonio 

Nehemia “Nammie” Ichilov 

President & CEO, Jewish Federation of San Antonio 

Linda Solis 

Chair, Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio Commission 

Leslie Davis Met 

Interim Director, Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio 

Mina Lopez 

Chair, Jewish Community Relations Council 

Lisa Epstein 

Director, Jewish Community Relations Council