Two Minds + A Cup of Coffee + A Subject of Your Choice = SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT! 

March 15, 2021

Since the start of the pandemic, it has been a challenge to substitute exciting social gatherings, holiday events and Shabbat dinners with zoom events and Shabbattogo packages. Ironically, it is precisely the decline in activities and programs that led to a powerful discovery; the beauty of a one-on-one Torah study session or as they call it in Rabbinical school, chavruta.  

It is a transformative experience to use ancient and modern Jewish texts as a springboard for deep discussions on themes relating to the weekly Parsha or current events. And as the Talmud

Melia Robertson and Tzivia Block

says, “The Torah is like fire: Just as fire is not lit alone, but with a pile of kindling, so can the flame of Torah only take hold when souls unite in study”. 

In the words of Koby Sokoloff, “I love my weekly one-on-one study sessions. It gives me a time each week to connect to the stories from the Torah I studied as a kid at a deeper, more spiritual level. And there is always a great takeaway on how I can apply the message of the weekly portion to my life today!!” 

In addition to YJSA’s weekly Torah discussion now taking place on Zoom, Rabbi Eli & Tzivia Block are both available for a private study session either on Zoom or in person. Contact: or 

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*This article is featured in the print Jewish Journal Passover edition