G’Mach: Judaism in Action

March 29, 2023

An Act of Love! PLEASE DON’T KEEP THIS A SECRET!!! Wheelchairs, walkers, shower seats, bed bar assists – almost anything you might need after surgery or a fall is yours to borrow at NO cost. How is this possible? Rivka Schechter stores all items in her garage. All medical equipment is in great condition and almost new. Your cost? The same smile that Rivka shares with you when you pick up whatever you or your loved one needs to borrow for a week, a month, or six months – NO time limit.

How does Rivka source the equipment? YOU DONATE IT! Don’t rent when this is yours for the asking. If you have medical equipment doing nothing but gathering dust, donate it to G’Mach and help others with your kindness. (Transports chairs are needed right now.) We are blessed to have this organization serving San Antonio every day. For more information, call 210 479-5422.