Israel Education highlights modern and ancient symbols

Torah Academy of San Antonio (TASA) students had the honor of meeting and studying with Israeli educator Margalit Frydman and Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider who were visiting San Antonio with an OTS Amiel BaKehila delegation. Students in grades K-5 learned about Ancient Paleo Hebrew symbols, and how they have transformed into modern Hebrew and other letter forms, such as English.  They also had the opportunity to write their names in ancient Hebrew to take home to share.

Grades 6-9 saw photographs of modern-day Shiloh, and discussed the biblical archaeology of Tel Shiloh, with its layers upon layers of biblical history beneath. Here, archaeologists have uncovered treasures from thousands of years ago, and think that they may have identified the sacred spot of the Mishkan. This lesson was most poignant as it relates to the Haftarah of the first day of Rosh Hashanah, when we read the story of Chana and the birth of Shmuel Hanavi which took place in Shiloh.

The program was facilitated by Congregation Rodfei Sholom.