Planting the Seeds Today Can Make All the Difference Tomorrow

March 15, 2021

LIFE & LEGACY® is a program offered by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and the Jewish Federation of San Antonio that provides support for local Jewish organizations to secure meaningful after-lifetime legacy gifts to ensure a vibrant Jewish legacy for San Antonio. 

LIFE & LEGACY is focused on “Assuring Jewish Tomorrows“. This ambition would not be possible without members of the San Antonio Jewish community who choose to give to Jewish agencies and synagogues. By giving, you are part of a movement that is working to secure a strong Jewish future for generations to come. 

Each month in the Jewish Journal online at, LIFE & LEGACY will spotlight a local family who has made their commitment to one of eleven local Jewish organizations. Kicking off the series is Jerry Gerson and Jen Eichelbaum who “planted a seed” for a future Jewish San Antonio through their commitment to the Barshop Jewish Community Center.  

Jerry Gerson and Jen Eichelbaum are father and daughter who serve on the Board of Directors of the Barshop Jewish Community Center of San Antonio, and both they and their spouses have made a commitment by signing a LIFE & LEGACY® Letter of Intent.  

Jerry said, “Our family has always been committed to our Jewish heritage and ensuring the valuable future of Jewish life through support of our JCC is an important part of our legacy.”  When the family moved to San Antonio in 1991, the JCC was one of their first phone calls. “When we moved to a new city, it was the JCC that always made us feel welcome to the community and connect with new Jewish friends,” said Jen.  

Jerry and his wife Nancy and Jen and her husband Mark recognize the importance of a strong JCC and decided to leave gifts to give back to an agency that has meant so much to them. From BBYO for Jen and her brother, Michael, youth basketball for her husband Mark, to NOVA and STARZ for Jen’s daughter Maegan, and BBYO for daughter Bailey, the San Antonio JCC has been, and will continue to be, a prime part of our Jewish community’s future. “And that’s why we believe LIFE & LEGACY is so important and has our commitment.” 


To learn more about securing your legacy, contact Beth Keough, Director of Philanthropy at the Jewish Federation of San Antonio at or visit 


*This article is featured in the print Jewish Journal Passover edition

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