Ohr Lanu Foundation helps Jewish patients connect to pandemic care  

April 1, 2021

When COVID-19 vaccinations became available in San Antonio, the process to schedule them left many feeling frustrated and helpless.  The appointment registration process was particularly difficult for the elderly.  Ohr Lanu offered to facilitate this effort, by working with congregations and agencies in our community, and together they were able to help many, especially in those early days, when appointments were scarce and spots filled instantaneously.  The process is easier today, with more facilities offering vaccinations and more appointments becoming available.  Despite this improvement, there is still a significant challenge in getting scheduled.   Ohr Lanu continues to work tirelessly to help schedule those who contact us for assistance.  SAJSS has offered to provide transportation to seniors for their scheduled vaccine appointments, and through this joint effort, we are able to care for our elderly and most vulnerable community members. 

When the pandemic hit last SpringOhr Lanu identified a company in Israel called Argaman, which was producing copper-infused masks the company said were designed to offer strong protection from the novel Coronavirus.  Ohr Lanu worked to bring awareness of the product to San Antonio and facilitated the ordering process.  In total, over 1,000 masks were delivered and distributed to the elderly and most vulnerable in our San Antonio Jewish Community. 

Much like this initiative to provide masks one year ago, Ohr Lanu now taking the lead in assisting with vaccine registration. If you are encountering difficulty in scheduling your vaccine appointment, contact Ohr Lanu at (210) 973-7172.    

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