Jewish Community Relations Council and SAJSS Advocate for Older Adults

May 1, 2021

Did you know that San Antonio has a Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) comprised of representatives from each Jewish organization in the community? San Antonio Jewish Senior Services (SAJSS) is proud to be a part of this council and represent older adults through its non-partisan advocacy. During this Texas state legislative session, the JCRC scheduled several meetings with representatives in the Texas House and Senate to discuss issues that are important to the community. SAJSS recently had the opportunity to speak about the needs of older adults on issues of voting accessibility and Medicaid expansion. We are excited to be able to advocate for older adults in this way, and would like to thank JCRC Director, Lisa Epstein, and JCRC Chair, Winslow Swart, for coordinating these meetings with our state representatives,” says SAJSS JCRC representative Danielle Roberts.