2nd Annual Texas Holocaust Remembrance Week Resources

January 5, 2021

Holocaust Memorial Museum provides resources for South Texas schools

This January, the Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio is preparing a week-long virtual event for Texas Holocaust Remembrance Week. This event provides schools in South Texas with the means to fulfill the educational mandates set by Senate Bill 1828 for age-appropriate Holocaust education for grades K-12 in Texas public schools. 

For the 2021 Texas Holocaust Remembrance Week, the museum is providing a series of virtual presentations which will be available to schools and teachers, both as “live” Zoom webinars and as prerecorded video, beginning on January 25 – 29, 2021. 

Two presentations each day will be livestreamed and ten other pre-recorded presentations will be premiered throughout the week on the museum’s social media pages and website. Led primarily by the children and grandchildren of local survivors and liberators, these presentations will highlight their stories. The theme for week explores how the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference,” inspired by the quote from Holocaust survivor and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel. 



Descriptions of presentations, videos and registration information available at: hmmsa.org/thrw-2021 


Monday, January 25th  

Prerecorded Presentations 
The Liberation Gardelegen: What My Father Saw – Roy Kamin
Setting Differences Aside: Rescuers of the Muslim Faith – Nicole Munoz
Ask a Question, Expect an Answer – Esther Feinberg 


Live on Zoom Webinar 

8:30amMy Mother’s Amazing Survival – Winslow Swart 

12:30pmMy Mother and Grandmother: What They Endured – Ginny Wind 


Tuesday, January 26th 

Prerecorded Presentations  

My Father’s Suffering – Dr. Anatole Trakhtenbroit 

Children of the Holocaust – Lisa Barry 


Live on Zoom Webinar 

9:00amLa Vida de mi Madre en Hungría (My Mother’s Life in Hungary) – Anita Goldberg (En Español) 

1:00pmThe Untold Story of Regina Jonas: The First Ordained Female Rabbi – Rabbi Mara Nathan 


Wednesday, January 27th 

Prerecorded Presentations  

Lessons Learned from Visiting the Camps – Tristan Bourgoin 

Literary Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto: Emmanuel Ringelblum – Julie Tzucker 


Live on Zoom Webinar 

9:30amMy Grandmother: Art and Resistance – Helen Pankowsky 

1:30pmWomen in the Holocaust – Liz Reichman  


Thursday, January 28th  

Prerecorded Presentations  

I Was a Child During the November Pogrom (Kristallnacht) – Ursala Kaplan 

Oscar Ehrenberg: Survivor – Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler 


Live on Zoom Webinar 

10:00amMy Parents’ Holocaust Experiences – Robi Jalnos 

2:00pmHow My Mother Weathered the Storm – Varda Ratner 


Friday, January 29th 

Prerecorded Presentations  

Betrayal & Defiance: The Story of Lucien Moreau – Olivier Bourgoin 

Resistance: The Bielski Brothers and the Perseverance of a Family Camp – Nicole Munoz 


Live on Zoom Webinar 

10:30amMy Mother: How She Survived – Lala Gossen 

2:30pmMy Father and What He Withstood – Sharon Greenwald 



In addition to these virtual presentations, the museum is hosting teacher workshops in January to prepare Texas teachers to teach the curriculum in their own classrooms. The museum also has 22 educational trunks and 2 traveling exhibits available for local schools to utilize in their classrooms for in-person instruction 


Many additional resources, including recorded survivor testimonies, online exhibits, interactive webpages, a video tour, downloadable worksheets, book recommendations, and links to Holocaust-related lesson plans will also continue to be available at hmmsa.org.  


The programming offered at HMMSA for Texas Holocaust Remembrance week has been generously sponsored through a grant from the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission. 


The Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio is a program of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio. To learn more, visit hmmsa.org or contact info@hmmsa.org