August 3, 2021

The Harold Grinspoon Foundation announced at the LIFE & LEGACY ® conference this past May the launch of a new campaign titled Each One, Reach One. The campaign is intended to create a “movement” where each legacy donor tells their story to another and invites them to make
their own legacy gift. The goal is to inspire new donors to make legacy commitments and further integrate legacy giving into the community culture. To assist in the launch of Each One Reach One, two San Antonio community partners who have the largest percentage increase in Letters of Intent from April 1st through December 31st will receive an unrestricted incentive grant of $2,000.

Join the movement today and contact Beth Keough, Director of Philanthropy, at

View the mosaic of all those who have given to the Each One Reach One campaign.

*This article is featured on page 14 of the Jewish Journal Rosh Hashanah print edition.