Unpacking Antisemitism – a Zoom Discussion with Award-Winning Researcher Rodi Franco

August 15, 2021

Why are those on the far right and far left united in their use of antisemitic ideas? And what steps can the Jewish and interfaith communities take to right these wrongs? Learn more on September 19 at 7:30 pm, when the Austin and San Antonio Chapters of the Women’s Zionist Organization, Hadassah, welcome award-winning researcher Rodi Franco of Houston.

Rodi’s research for her recent master’s degree at Rice University focused on two divergent groups, the conservative Far Right and progressive Far Left, who both hold antisemitic beliefs and use many of the same tropes to denigrate Jews. White Nationalists on the right advocate for a return to an idealized white Protestant America and blame Jews for promoting a diverse, multi-ethnic society. In contrast, those on the left have transformed antisemitism into a virulent anti-Zionism, holding all Jews accountable for what Israel does. Understanding the distinct motivation of each group is important to identify actions to combat antisemitism in America today.

During the 90-minute ZOOM presentation, Rodi will examine different strategies and offer recommendations for confronting antisemitism within our communities

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Ms. Franco is a former Chief Marketing Officer for the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston and has been a board member of both Hadassah and the National Council of Jewish Women organizations in Houston.