Moishe Pod is coming to San Antonio

August 3, 2021

The focus of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio’s Young Adult Division (YAD) is to nurture, engage, and invest in the next generation of leaders in the Jewish community. This past spring, YAD brought together lay leaders of all Jewish young adult groups to discuss an exciting initiative in line with its mission: bringing Moishe Pod to San Antonio. Moishe Pod is a subset of Moishe House, an organization where Jewish young adults live together and plan monthly programs for peers, of any affiliation, in their community. This innovative programming will provide creative Jewish learning events that explore Judaism and its relevance in the present day. Instead of a house, Moishe Pods typically house two young professionals in an apartment or condominium designed to serve a smaller Jewish population. The
model is self-sufficient and promotes inclusivity, connection, and exploration of Jewish values and identities. First, however, the young adult community needed to secure adequate funding in order to bring Moishe Pod to San Antonio. Anna Schragin, Development Specialist, spearheaded the Moishe Pod campaign. Thanks to donations from the community and a generous match from the Wulfe Family Endowment fund, the young adult community reached its goal of $5,000 and will welcome Moishe Pod to San Antonio in the near future. After a year severely lacking in this element of community connection, San Antonio is looking forward to rebuilding and facilitating those priceless bonds. What an exciting step for our Jewish young adult community! Stay tuned!

For more information on Moishe Pod and YAD, contact Anna Schragin, Development Specialist, at


*This article was featured on page 10 in the Jewish Journal Rosh Hashanah print edition.