PJ Library wants to help you “Jew-It-Yourself”

The introductory class to Jew –It –Yourself (JIY) took place virtually on Monday, August 2nd at 7:30 pm. JIY is a program designed primarily for interfaith families consisting of 11 sessions, (meeting once a month) taught by Rabbi Avi Finegold of Montreal Canada.

Amy Sugarman giving Hollie Lyko and her son Lucian a JIY kit

The first meeting gave participants an opportunity to share their Jewish journeys so far and also highlighted what to expect from the program. Rabbi  Finegold explained that he is going to offer a “buffet” of ways that families can incorporate Judaism into their homes with the idea that participants can take as much or as little of what they want and whatever works for their family. The

opening virtual meeting was informal, informative, and included an open discussion that was inclusive to all; no matter how one chooses to practice Judaism. 

There is still time to sign up for JIY. Those who sign up by September 10th will receive a JIY kit containing many items that will correspond to the topics being covered by Rabbi Finegold. To register, please go to jfsatx.org/learn.