San Antonio BBYO Spring Term Election Results

March 1, 2022

San Antonio BBYO is excited to announce the newly elected board members of both Sababa BBG and Erich Weiss AZA of Lonestar Region BBYO! These newly elected teen leaders will plan exciting programs for their peers, including community service initiatives, social events, Judaic programs, and more! The Spring Term 2022 board members are excited to continue to make San Antonio BBYO a great place for teens to find a welcoming Jewish community. For Sababa BBG, the new N’siah (president) is Logan Morris, S’ganit (Vice President) is Jessica Bullock, MIT Mom (VP of New Member Education) is Jackie Shweiki, Mazkirah (Secretary) is Sophie Starr, Gizborit (Treasurer) is Gabbi Carlson and Mekashert (Recruitment) is Sophie Powell. For Erich Weiss AZA, the new Godol (President) Is Solomon Nathan, S’gan (Vice President) is Sam LoCurto, Moreh (VP of New Member Education) is Daniel Bar-Yadin, Shaliach (VP of Jewish Heritage) is Buddy Cowan, Mazkir (Secretary) is Hayden Morris and Mekasher (Recruitment) is Sam Piesman. Any Jewish teen in 8th-12thgrade is eligible to join BBYO! For more information, please reach out to Sarah Ram at!