San Antonio Community Stands Up To Hate

December 1, 2021

On Tuesday, November 9, the Jewish Federation of San Antonio and its Holocaust Memorial Museum hosted a community gathering in observance of the 83rd anniversary of Kristallnacht. Hundreds throughout the community came together, alongside local elected officials and neighboring interfaith leaders, to show that San Antonio is a city of Upstanders who will not stand by when hate is bellowed in our city streets. The evening was a true testament to the acceptance of all in San Antonio, despite our differences. 

The community gathering – Stronger Together – followed multiple recent antisemitic incidents in San Antonio and Austin. “We have seen acts of hatred and intolerance and antisemitism. And as the message stated tonight, those are diseased roots, and we will pull them out of our garden,” San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said. In addition to Mayor Nirenberg, Jewish community rabbis, Texas State Senator José Menéndez, Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales, and HMMSA Commission Member Rev. Ben Trammell shared messages of strength and unity in the face of hatred. 

“You do not stand alone against this moment of hate. We join you in saying: not in our city, not on our dirt, and never again,” said Reverend Ben Trammell of University United Methodist Church. “We join you in the work of remembering in the face of those who would deny the truth.” 

Also in attendance were Texas State Representative Steve Allison, Bexar County Commissioner Trish DeBerry, San Antonio Chief of Police William McManus, and members of San Antonio’s faith communities. 

Rose Williams, a San Antonio Holocaust survivor, participated in the program, lighting a candle with Becky Hoag, former HMMSA education director. At 94, Rose continues to be a regular speaker at the Holocaust Memorial Museum sharing her story with students and guests at the museum. 


Earlier that day, Nammie Ichilov, President & CEO, Jewish Federation of San Antonio, and Leslie Davis Met, Interim Director, Holocaust Memorial Museum, received a signed resolution from Bexar County Commissioners remembering Kristallnacht and vowing to drive out hate whenever present and promote human dignity.