Commemorate Yom HaShoah – April 7, 2021 

March 1, 2021

Yom HaShoah is the solemn day is set aside for those of the Jewish faith to remember the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust. In order to protect survivors during the pandemic, many ceremonies are being held virtually this year. The Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio will feature a pre-recorded ceremony hosted at Temple Beth-El with contributions from San Antonio’s rabbis 

Isolation is the theme for this year’s ceremony as all of us, healthy or vulnerable, have felt the effects of forced isolation from the onset of the pandemic. For many survivors, this is not the first time they have felt such isolation in their lifetime. From the beginning of Nazi rule in Germany and Nazi-occupied areas, Jews were isolated from society. 

Being forced into ghettos, separated from family in the killing centers, and after liberation discovering that many of their family members did not survive, left many survivors with the lifelong psychological effects of isolation and traumaThese profound effects have been shown to pass down to 2nd generation survivors.   

View the 2021 Yom HaShoah ceremony at or the museum’s social media pages on Wednesday, April 7th at 6 pm CDT.  

No Facebook or registration is required to view the video.  Closed Captions will be available for the video upon release.    

The Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio is a program of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio. To learn more or to sponsor one of the museum’s programs, visit or contact 


*This article is featured in the print Jewish Journal Passover edition