Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Antonio is Now Making Loans Available to Non-Jewish Employees of San Antonio’s Jewish Organizations and Houses of Worship

November 1, 2022

To respond to the programming and service needs of all members of the Jewish community, San Antonio Area Jewish organizations and houses of worship employ many non-Jewish staff members in various positions. In our local Jewish organizations, many support, program, administrative, and maintenance staff members are not of the Jewish faith. In recognition of their invaluable service in our Jewish community, the Board of HFLA-SA has authorized the availability of zero-% interest loans to non-Jewish employees of San Antonio Area Jewish organizations and houses of worship. Upon certification of their continuing employment in good standing after one year’s completed tenure at the time of the loan application, the mechanism for application will be identical to that of Jewish community members.

To apply for a loan or support our work, please see hfla-sa.org or call 210-736-4352