JFS Sees Spike in Need for Counseling, While Ability to Pay Decreases Drastically 

March 15, 2021

When the pandemic first started last spring, Jewish Family Service of San Antonio saw a 400% spike in inquiries for counseling services. Since then, JFS continues to see a higher number of clients who seek mental health counseling than years past. JFS also noticed the overwhelming stress and anxiety of clients with a 300% increase in weekly crisis management situations.  

The biggest indicator to the need for the JFS mental health counseling program was that more than 75of JFS sliding-scale-fee clients requested a reduction in session fees during this time 

Many sliding-scale-fee clients had a loss of income from the pandemic because the nature of their job required them to be in close contact with people. This loss of income not only affected their ability to pay for counseling, but it also compounded their need for therapy with the stress of not being able to pay their bills.  

The need for mental health counseling is great during this unprecedented time, but the ability to pay has dropped considerably. While JFS will not turn anyone away for lack of payment, their program operation is at risk without the income generated by session fees.  

Donors are stepping in to cover the rest of the session costs for local clients. The most any client would pay for a sliding-scale-fee session at JFS is $80. The average fee right now is $12 meaning each $68 donation gives someone the opportunity to learn how to be resilient and work toward mental wellness.  

You can learn more and donate today at www.jfs-sa.org and help cover the cost for someone in need of counseling. 


*This article is featured in the print Jewish Journal Passover edition

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