Why We Give: Jessica and Ryan Berg

January 3, 2022

For Jessica and Ryan Berg, being part of Life and Legacy is essential for many reasons, one of them being community. “Part of our family and company culture is about giving back to the community, and we want to be good stewards of the community, and we believe it’s the right thing to do,” Ryan states.

Part of giving back to the community has been being a part of ensuring that Temple

Beth-El is there for generations to come. Jessica notes, “We did it so that future generations could benefit from Temple Beth-El.” Both of our children had their Bar Mitzvahs at Temple, and we know that we’re staying here in San Antonio, and we just want many other families to have what we have had at Temple Beth-El. We love the community, and it has given our kids a great platform for their Judaism.” Ryan adds, “As Reform Jews, we feel it’s a proper fit for our family and us.”

As members of the Temple’s Board of Trustees (Jessica) and part of the founding members of the 30s40s group, Jessica and Ryan understand the importance of getting members, old and young, involved in the community. Ryan says, “I think the challenge is going to be how do you stay relevant and how do you get people to use the resources the synagogue has to offer on an ongoing basis, beyond just the High Holy Days.”

When asked to give advice to people considering donating or contributing to Life and Legacy, Ryan and Jessica both ask, why not? “I think it’s good to set up a strong foundation for future generations if you are fortunate enough to have the ability, we are fortunate enough to be able to give past our lives, and we want to set things up properly,” says Ryan.

By donating to Temple Beth-El’s legacy program, Jessica and Ryan hope that it means Temple Beth-El can create a plan for longevity, with Ryan noting, “We hope it helps achieve longevity and relevancy to the community. I think it’s proper planning and stewardship for future generations.”