Hanukkah 2021 Night 3: Women

November 2021

This Hanukkah we are taking a moment to shine a light on the resilience of our community throughout this past year. Tonight, we light the 3rd candle of the menorah and read how our community brought light and hope to women. 

“Edith”, a single Mom finally could return to work after almost a year of unemployment. Her savings exhausted, she applied and received a 0%-interest loan from Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Antonio (HFLA-SA). She needed this loan to cover child-care expenses until her new employer began to pay her salary and provide medical benefits. So many others have received Covid related loans to help make it through periods of financial stress. To apply for a loan or support our work, please go to www.hfla-sa.org.


Anna Schragin and Sammi Mazuz

In collaboration with the Women’s Philanthropy Cabinet of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio, Samantha Mazuz hosted a virtual women’s l’chaim to bring in the year 5782. Women picked up a Rosh Hashanah-inspired kit filled with goodies; including ingredients to make an appletini at home! The ladies later joined virtually and learned how to make an appletini, listened to inspiring women who have been pioneers with their giving, and toasted in celebration of the new year. Samantha’s dedication to the San Antonio Jewish community shows in her commitment to inspiring women to invest in our future.


Busy with careers and children, Congregation Rodfei Sholom takes special pride in engaging the women of our community. This past year they worked with women to set goals and aspirations for themselves during a New Year’s Vision Board Event. They continue to use the always popular challah bakes to bring community women together for challah prep, learning, and fun. Rodfei Sholom always strives to shine a light on the celebration of Jewish holidays, and this year we helped women make Sukkot special for their families with a Sukkot Centerpiece flower arranging class. Women are invited to participate in community-wide educational and cultural events, as well as the many events planned specifically for women.


Temple Beth-El’s Sisterhood has always had a strong focus on giving back and keeping the Temple community together. Under the guidance of President Fran Kaufman Cohen, even in the middle of a pandemic, they managed to do just that. While staying safe, the group ensured their congregants, families, and friends had a “sweet” New Year by organizing their annual honey sale, which shipped all around the country.