Young Adults Talk Moishe Pod: Moshe Krumholz

June 14, 2021

Anna Schragin, Manager of the Young Adult Division of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio, sat down with Moshe Krumholz, a lay leader who is part of the effort to bring Moishe Pod, a subset of Moishe House, to San Antonio.

Anna: So Moshe, what would a Moishe Pod mean for you and the San Antonio community?

Moshe: A Moishe Pod in San Antonio would be incredible!  It would be yet another Jewish organization for young professionals to network and socialize!  It’s extremely appealing that it would be led and organized by young professionals as well. 

Anna: What is your favorite part about being involved in YAD? 

Moshe: I love the community and what it stands for.  It’s an amazing opportunity to be involved with other Jewish young adults in similar positions as yourself. 

Anna: Moshe, thank you for giving to the Moishe Pod campaign. While this campaign is separate from the Annual Campaign, can you tell me why you give to the Jewish Federation of San Antonio? 

Moshe: I find it extremely important to give back to the community that supports you when you are able to.   

 Anna: Thank you so much!


To learn more about Moishe Pod and how you can support our goal to reach $5,000 by Sunday, June 20th, visit