The Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies can be a powerful source of good for our community

August 3, 2021

The Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies of San Antonio (The Foundation), a department of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio, has served a vital role in strengthening the Jewish community for over 50 years. The Foundation empowers donors to convert
generous ideas into deliberate actions, including but not limited to, establishing endowment funds. Endowments are permanent funds in which the principal is preserved and invested, while a portion of the earnings are distributed annually to a specified organization.

The Oscar Ehrenberg Endowment for Holocaust Education, established in 2005 by the Federation board of directors, and funded by the community, is a perfect example of how an endowment serves as a lasting and perpetual gift. Oscar Ehrenberg z’’l served as a leader in the San Antonio Jewish community for over 30 years and was passionate about Holocaust education. A Holocaust survivor himself, Oscar was a catalyst for establishing the Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio in 2000. This endowment fund in his honor continues to secure staffing and programs to educate future generations on the history of and lessons learned from the Holocaust.

To learn more about endowment funds and start planning your legacy, contact Beth Keough, Director of Philanthropy at or contact Janet Irwine, CFO at You may also visit to access our resources.

*This article can be found on page 4 of the Jewish Journal Rosh Hashanah print edition.